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Intel Leak: North Korea Using Powerful Simulation Software

Friday, September 8, 2017

Tulsa, Oklahoma – North Korea has been leveraging state-of-the-art simulation technology to advance its intercontinental ballistic missile program, according to newly leaked documents smuggled out of the reclusive state. Until now, the question of how the DPRK has achieved such drastic technological improvements in such a short time has baffled experts in the international arms proliferation community.

“Three years ago, their brightest engineers were staring blankly at computer screens, pretending to know how to use a web browser,” said a source familiar with the subject. “Today, those same engineers are deploying ballistic guidance systems that account for everything, from the rotation of the earth, to the lunar cycle, down to the centimeter. We had no idea who or what was driving their technology program to produce such astronomical gains. Now, at least we know.”

The details emerging from the documents show that the ICBM program was accomplished almost entirely using simulation software, called Virtuoso. The virtualization framework allows software that normally runs on custom embedded electronic hardware, such as a ballistic missile control system, to run in a completely virtualized environment. By the time they built their first hardware prototype, their control systems were completely tested and ready to deploy, leaving the intelligence community in a frantic race to catch up.

Kim Jong Un Demonstrating Virtuoso.

The dictator reportedly claimed to have written the framework from scratch in a single weekend.

“The American dogs say our Dear Leader is insane,” read a statement issued by the Korean Central News Agency. “But the foolish and stupid Yankees can’t lift a finger to write code until they have spent millions on hardware.” A previous report in 2015 had indicated that the “DPRK has not rigorously tested some of its missiles to the same extent that most countries with ballistic missile programs have.” However, using virtual hardware in Virtuoso, it is possible to perform Monte Carlo simulations of millions of complex real-world scenarios at a fraction of the normal cost and schedule.

Officials have stressed that the same embedded virtual device framework used by the North Koreans is now available for commercial use, and that all tech companies designing custom electronic systems should adopt it immediately. “[The North Koreans] have mastered project cost and schedule compression, and it appears they did it using Virtuoso. Our high-tech community needs to leverage every competitive edge available if we are going to keep up with Pyongyang.”

The White House has not issued a formal statement regarding the leak, however an image circulating the Internet has shown a tweet that was either posted by President Trump and later removed, or never posted at all.

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