Press Release: Next generation state-of-the-art embedded systems development platform announced by Embeddetech

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Platform allows embedded software to be developed and tested on a virtual microcontroller that interfaces to either virtual or real-world hardware peripherals, launches May 18th on Kickstarter. Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 Tulsa, Oklahoma - Embeddetech has announced a powerful yet inexpensive platform for rapidly building electronic hardware prototypes. The platform is expected to revolutionize

The Rise Of No-Code Software Development

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No-Code and Low-Code software platforms may be the next wave of software innovation that you haven’t heard about yet. The article below from IEEE Spectrum Magazine shows just how rapidly the popularity of these platforms is growing. Per the research quoted from Gartner, “low-code application development (which also encompasses no-code) will make up more than

Back From ESC Boston 2017

By |2024-03-08T08:44:55-06:00May 8th, 2017|Virtuoso|

Got to attend the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston. After excellent discussions with a lot of folks, it is clear: the industry is ready for the embedded virtual device workflow! I also had the amazing opportunity to meet Max The Magnificent from, and Stephane Boucher, founder of Check out Stephane's review of

Alumnus develops virtual software for embedded technology

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Jonathan Torkelson (BS ’04, MS ’04) established his own company more than 10 years ago while an intern for the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science & Technology. His undergraduate research showed promise in 2003, so he took a chance and filed as Embeddetech’s sole proprietor. Today, the company is thriving as a technology

Astonishing Theory Predicts Universe Is In Fact A Simulation

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TULSA, Oklahoma — The universe as we know it is a simulation of an electronic program, according to an astonishing theory that has gained tremendous overnight enthusiasm. The theoretical basis for this remarkable view of how the universe operates was discovered accidentally, shortly after the development of an electronic program simulation framework called “Virtuoso” was

Press Release: Embeddetech Introduces Virtuoso Software: The World’s First Embedded Virtual Device Framework

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Virtual embedded software development for professional and student designers of custom electronics, launching a Kickstarter campaign June 20th. 28 October 2016 TULSA, Oklahoma — Embeddetech,Inc. announced the launch of a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign beginning June 20th, with the goal of accelerating the commercialization of its ‘Virtuoso’ software. Virtuoso is a powerful virtual device framework


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